Phu Lam Import & Export Co. Ltd has three manufacturing plants and sales are two different areas.

Factory 1: Specializes in manufacturing thin film HDPE, LDPE, PVC films, stretch films have (membrane chit) export.

With mechanical systems in Korea, Taiwan, China Modern, high quality. The company’s products have been exported to advanced countries such as Japan, Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Belgium … which is highly appreciated.

With extraordinary collage system automatically handles made the products I have high accuracy, good, strong sealing.

 The company has a system of roll cutters of South Korea, Taiwan, creating products of high quality roll scroll.

 Stretch film products have a (film chit) PE material, the product was German customers appreciate.PVC film production with a Japanese production line with capacity of 15 million meters per year, a variety of colors with a thickness of 0.05 to 1 mm. Max width 1400 mm, length as required by the customer.


Factory 2: Specializes in manufacturing Plastics balls – Color master batch – Calcium Carbonate

We are manufacturer of supply granule-making machine equipment for production of calcium carbonate masterbatch and Plastics balls.
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Factory 3: Professional business serves chemical industries such as paint, printing, footwear, textiles, foam

The company currently imports of chemicals, countries such as Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, Germany ….


The company is holding goods business for over 40 different chemicals such as N-Butyl acetane, Toluene, xylene, MC, acetane ethyl, methyl acetane, BCS, acetone, methanol, IPA, Butanol, PPG, TDI, Faraphin , MEK …


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