More than 350 students eager to join the traditional games stalls, performing magic school, performance, arts, … the program “Together they come to class,” which took place on 23 and 24-8 in Primary schools, Secondary Gao Giong (Cao Lanh District, Dong Thap Province).

The children have fun, join the game – Photo: Khoa Nguyen The elementary students quickly split into several groups, lined up to join the game “quiz with prizes,” “try your wits” … then the children to 7 booth folk games such as: “Push the ball in the basket”, “golf”, “Blindfold dam bottle” … The air in the booth is heating up by cheers, cheer for a friend, his teammate with the eyes, smile from the parents, the local people. The joy of the children while watching the entertainment shows, magic. But siblings Secondary school students are attending to share life skills through fun play meaningful. “I participated in all 7 games booth is always there, you throw a ball game like the most difficult, but fun and siblings watching cultural performances, magic. I hope there will be more programs like this playing field, so that you can join us “- Nguyen Thi Quynh Nhu (8 years old) sharing. The magician was guiding a child to do magic. Also, young people are coordinating with local people painting 7 classrooms, 2 remedial room, installing new electrical system: the ball chute 30 to ensure light lamp of learning for children, mounted fan new wall, giving 300 gifts sweets, instant noodles, 300 paper lanterns, 300 presents notebooks learning tools. “The gift was small but contained so much affection people have been handed to you, the people in the last 2 days, spacious classrooms after painting, sweeping, will no longer the furniture precarious, rain leaking lessons or lessons heat and light. Although in the last 2 days the volunteers have worked continuously for 3 hours sleep is not round, from dawn taught jointly prepare, working together, but everyone worked very hard, fun. “- Tran Thi Thanh Loan – Head of the Organizing Committee shared program. These gifts are learning tools were also given to the children – Photo: Khoa Nguyen program also awarded 1 bookcase education promotion including 74 textbooks, 114 textbooks, 600 reference books, stories paintings, and 20 households in the local difficult to visit and give gifts is 20 necessities. To fund the program “Together in 2014 he came to class,” in addition to lobbying, the dissemination of information to get support from sponsors, 50 young people are active “self-raised funds” with many activities exciting as the selling phone cards, sold lanterns throughout the week at the market Pham Van Hai (Tan Binh), the routes in the city. Sell ​​lemon tea, chibi drawings in the marketplace, 23/9 Park, Tao Dan Park, … in less than 1 month.

The volunteers are on the roof to patch holes punctured respect, help them be reassured to learn without getting wet.
“For the joy of the children in Dong Thap, the laughter eagerly contribute one part to help them go to school, although with difficulty raising funds, but we are increasingly engrossed himself, there you go sale from 9 morning till evening. “- You Do Thi Hoai Thu – students in France, in Vietnam in the summer holidays now to participate in this voluntary activity confided. Volunteers and teachers painting the windows, start a new electric light system Program “Together they come to class in 2014” by The Vietnam Youth Organization HDXH – Southern group (http: //www.nguoiviettre., Youth Union of Vietnam) implementation. Earlier the project was implemented in several provinces across the country. Khoa Nguyen

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