Business Staff

Business Staff

Job description

– Learn and fluent in all the items, the company’s products.
– Make a list of customers in their respective regions.
– Up Keh oạch management, monitoring, care and access to customers.
– Making the record of public debt, in collaboration with Ke room toanth waist track customer liabilities.
– Periodically directly go to visit, meet and talk with customers.
– Every day the initiative to contact customers directly, via telephone, fax, mail, inquire demand pickup as well as notification of new information about goods, prices and policies of the company.
– Survey, learn market their assigned area.
– Sticking to market conditions, make the identification, analysis of the market area of ​​his responsibility.
– Reporting directly to the leaders, company directors when there are changes, fluctuations in the market to help the company take prompt appropriate adjustments.
– Learn the activities of competitors.
– Complete good work as assigned, sorted by their superiors.
– Adhere to and fully correct operation procedures with the rooms and related parts
– Preparation of periodic sales reports weekly and monthly.
– Report on the work situation: the customer has to contact, what was done, what was outstanding, commodity situation, market, competitors, etc., is expected to work next week follow, make recommendations and suggestions.

Job requirement

Job requirement
– Work in Haiphong
– Male Female
– Bachelor or higher degree of Business Administration, Marketing, Economics, Trade …
– Favorite business lines.
– Communication skills, presentations, negotiating, negotiating good.
– Dynamic, creative and enthusiastic.
– Ability to work independently and in groups.
– Location: Hai Phong
– Wage agreement
– Enjoy all regimes with salary prescribed by the company and labor law
– The fee prescribed by the company (including gasoline, telephone, lunch)

*** Job application:
– Curriculum Vitae certified by the local authority of residence;
– The CV process work and personal skills;
– The CMT photo, image 04 3 * 4;
– Copy of birth certificate, household registration book photo;
– The notarized diploma, colleges and the diplomas and certificates related;

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