Dung Quất Calling plastic business investment

Dung Quất Calling plastic business investment

According to Le Van Dung, deputy DIZA management, international port Gemadept – Dung Quat and Chu Lai airport in operation, and Dung Quat Polypropylene Plant operators will form the advantages of Dung Quat in attracting Manufacturers of plastic products. Access to raw materials of plastic particles in place is seen as a major competitive advantage when manufacturing facility at Dung Quat Economic Zone. Dossan DQ – Bai XXTD QNg According to Dung, firstly, Reporter Building – a subsidiary of the Dung Quat oil refinery, will seek partners to jointly invest in a project to produce plastics from raw materials seed Dung Quat polypropylene. The project is built on an area of ​​20 hectares will be leveraged to attract other plastic manufacturers to invest in Dung Quat. In the long run there will be a formation of industrial clusters plastic.’

Dossan DQ - Bai XXTD QNg

DEZA said it would study the application of some incentives for land, labor training, utility infrastructure development … while supporting the development of a land fund for the project clean plastic.

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