Earlier this year, met four volunteer leader cult

Earlier this year, met four volunteer leader cult

In the early days of the new year 2014, let us talk with the leader of the club volunteer, to learn about the plans and activities in their new year.

Hong Nhung: “Looking forward to getting children replication projects godmother”

As chairman of the club, young volunteers 14 years with volunteer activities, Ms. Ngo Thi Hong Nhung expressed: “In the past year, which the club most favorite young volunteers is the celebration of the 15th birthday club and successful implementation of phase 1 of the project “Get em godmother – Lunch for young mountain”. The project aims to support the elementary school children throughout the year La Hu ethnic hungry lunch to school (4 noodle meals, one meal with meat) to improve the nutritional health of children, creating trust happy in school. Also help connect the philanthropists of the siblings, uncles plains below. The project is small, health support for students is just VND150,000 / child / month, but when to take place, they looked delectable dining at noon, the animal brothers and sisters who also rejoice and feel dynamic “.

Not only has Ms. Hong Nhung, but the members of the young volunteers are keen to maintain the support for 60 children in the project, calling on philanthropists to from March 2/2014 can help add to the 22 Students at a difficult point is that Chinese furnace 1. And then again the new school year 2014-2015 could expand the project, bringing the score up to 5-7 the support point with the 150 children.

“In the new year 2014, I also wished the volunteers health and optimism, and good for those who do volunteer will always keep the fire of enthusiasm, dedicating more for volunteer work “Ms. Hong Nhung shared.

Quynh Anh: “We hope to have more time to volunteer”

Join volunteering since 1999, Nguyen Ngoc Quynh Anh girl (born in 1990) – a network volunteer secretary for the southern communities Scores owns a “crisis” in volunteering.

Meet Quynh Anh, in the final days of 2013, we truly understand and respect the spirit of volunteerism of this girl. Networking for the community, preparing volunteering for the poor last year, visited presents for the homeless … a lot of activities are Quynh Anh Tet schedule and arrange to participate.

Quynh Anh said: “During the past year alone expand in many areas and more units, with depth and wider than usual. In addition to activities for the Vietnamese Youth group, I also participated in many other programs, such as support poor patients eye surgery, supporting share – providing advice and information for clubs, teams, volunteer groups, war propaganda … blood drive program left many impressive program that journey – exercise and blood donation propaganda of the Central Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion. I was together 100 young people through Vietnam from South to North to promote voluntary blood donation campaign “.

Always bear loves to help the community, however, in the New Year to the spring, when asked about plans, preparation for Tet, Quynh Anh smile said: “Personally, I do not prepare anything. Prior to his New Year with family advocacy, donated some gifts to the poor locally. I just hope that the new year will have more time and opportunities to participate more programs to support the community more. We pray for those who volunteer are always safe and healthy to continue to contribute, hopefully there will be more benefactors, many hearts in will support voluntary organizations to help the disadvantaged people lucky in life. ”

Nguyen Tien List: The “bear jail” for the volunteer movement

At the age of 35 but “senior” Nguyen Tien List (born in 1978) – Chairman of the Association as volunteers to the community because young people attached to a name so cute and cuddly “Danhxiteen”.

During the past 15 years, he worked closely with PhD list of volunteer activities, relentless enthusiasm fire team up for the younger generation. The most impressive thing for us to be in contact with you, it’s a familiar feeling, carefree. The story, a thought always concern towards the poor, the less fortunate in life.

2013 passed, a year marked many successes of the association, projects such as vegetarian rice community, building schools, building bridges, building houses of gratitude, living blood bank … has successfully brought joy to the poor.

And even happier when in 2013 the project for the community fundraising bottle of Association are also spread across the whole country, helped the club attract funds partly to charity.

In the days of Tet and New Year, when friends and family are decorating their homes, shopping for Tet he left scurrying PhD list with 800 attacks banh tet program to give to the poor, and some volunteer program started the new year. “Let’s do it, there will be someone to accompany you,” was the message that Nguyen Tien List want message sent to the young volunteers, their friends in this 2014.

Vu Ngoc Truong: “I hope not to have anyone in need of blood in the new year”

Though busy for graduation thesis guard before leaving school, but boys Vu Ngoc Truong (born in 1991) – Deputy Chairman of the Youth Advocacy Hanoi still donate blood for the duration of their availability for review and prepare for the plan to donate blood during Tet 2014.

Sticking with voluntary blood donation movement over the last 4 years, the young man Vu Ngoc Truong exemplary of blood donation for many young people to follow.

By its thermal and dynamic, many years school has contributed a huge role of the Festival Organizing Committee Xuan Hong, Youthday festival of youth, love … From the heart of the action relentless dedication that their cases have repeatedly received many merit of Hematology and Blood Transfusion Institute of the Central Executive Committee of Hanoi Students Association, the Red Cross Hanoi, Executive Committee Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union …

With Schools, 2013 was the year has left many impressive cases and lessons, when he first joined and won awards Swallow. Talking about his plans for the new year 2014, he said: “I am with you in the Assembly established the club The young blood donors, hopefully when the club was born, it will contribute to advocacy and propaganda donate blood to help patients. Good for those who participate in community activities has always been lucky, successful and also pray for the New Year 2014, everyone who is healthy, you do not need any more blood, “which is the sharing and Schools wishing to volunteer in the early days.

According to Manh Van / Baodatviet.vn

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