Microlen WC-15

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Product Description


Contents of product %
CaCO3 85%
Additives 6%

Coloring matter in granules  Microlen WC-15 is a concentrate of fine powder dispersion (not more than 0.014 mm) of white organic dye dissolved in a high temperature environment polyolefin. It used as an effective replacement of more expensive colored pigments based on titanium dioxide in the manufacture of plastics products.

Thanks to the good grain size of the particles, the additive allows achieving uniform staining of films and molded articles. If you enter an additive in an amount of 5-30% it can reduce visibility and make them smooth matte white.

The basis of the dye additives – natural chalk with a high degree of frequency and whiteness. Convenient granular form of the material makes it easy to dispense and mix coloring agents with the base polymer. Specific plasticizers allow the colorant to be well distributed in the polymer matrix in the melt.


The additive is a raw material for coloring of products from plastics such as HDPE, LDPE. Is added in an amount of 5-30% of the host polymer and thoroughly mixed in a mixer. After that the mixture is introduced into the dispenser through the extruder. The amount of ink depends on the desired effect, equipment capabilities and limitations of the physical and mechanical characteristics of the finished product. We recommend that during the experiment to raise the temperature of all heating zones in the extruder by 2-10% and start with a minimal dose input, gradually reaching a maximum value.

Delivery: matter is delivered in 25 kg bags, on pallets.


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