IMPORT EXPORT COMPANY PHU LAM With years of experience in the field of international cargo transportation, cargo inland transportation, customs declaration.

Transport of goods inland

With the system the first container tractors and re-trailers with the truck from 1.5 tons to 15 tons serving freight from the provinces to the port, airport and cargo from North to South with the most competitive cost.

All tractors of our shipping are equipped with GPS navigation systems, to easily track the movement of goods by customers is the safest and fastest. Team drivers, staff training moderation enhance professionalism to serve the needs of our customers, the best guarantee safety in every way on.

International cargo shipping

As agents of the large carriers with networks spanning the globe seaports as NYK, Hangin, Kline, Evergreen, APL, MSC, Yangming, HEUNG-A, NAMSUNG, MSC, … And the agents signed contracts with the major airlines and the most prestigious world such as Vietnam Airlines, Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Janpan Airlines, Eva Air, Korean Airlines, …
vantaiquocte-350x350We, performing international transport services and rich diversity, to meet all customer needs. We are ready to reserve your shipments at all times, with the fastest transit times and the most competitive rates, safe time. With multiple modes of transportation, such as sea transport, air transport, multimodal transport … are guaranteed by the direct route through the network of shipping agents and aviation veteran and prestige around the the world. Coming to the Woody Import Export Company Limited, customers will be assured of the quality of transport services the best, most reputable.

Customs Declaration

Customs declaration is one of the important stages in the process of export – import of goods, the customs declaration requiring the flexibility of experienced staff to handle the problems that arise and the system pages modern equipment to service delivery work most quickly. Meeting the needs of customers on services such as customs clearance of our company become more complete and have contributed in no small part to promote strong growth of the company.

  • Services customs declaration export commodities include ships, full containers, LCL, bulk with varied items such as wood, clothing, fabrics, hanger, decorative furniture assembly, plastic, equipment machinery, dangerous goods, automobile …
    Perform customs clearance for all types of business, such as investment, temporary import for re-export, temporary export – re-entry, processing, export production, samples, non-commercial goods, bonded goods …
  • Options depending on each different type of clearance, we ensure the stage is done safely and fastest (from stitch open sourcing contract to the liquidity contract machining, from sewing machines to catalog Machinery and equipment imports, indexing imported raw materials, setting the record import declaration, setting norms and established the export declaration documents).
  • Customs clearance services for all types of import and export cargo of aid goods, project cargo, exhibition goods, goods in transit.
    Advise clients on customs declaration forms suitable, tax access codes, customs valuation, as C / O, complete import tax and other tax policies related.
  • Provide useful information about the rules of other countries from Vietnam, provide customs brokerage services at the destination..

Services Support

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Domestic transportation is an important part of the logistics chain. Therefore, Phu Forest Import Export Company Limited is always trying to raise the quality of inland transport services. with a team of experienced staff, which help traders and businesses resolve any problems arising. Simply provide a list of goods imported / exported via email, transfer documents via courier. See details


Today, almost all companies, factories have the business relationship or transaction of goods on foreign markets, regional or global. That is the premise make the introduction for international transport. International transportation is one of the extremely important process of international trade is an indispensable stages of the circulation of goods, helping to bring raw materials and goods transport from the international trade is an indispensable stage in the process of circulation in order to take goods from the place of production to places of consumption, from market to market the country abroad. See details


Services of customs duties: As we know, customs, taxation is responsible for people buying goods imported from abroad. Each country has different policies for different but related. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to know the rules, regulations, customs, traditions, practices, loopholes, schemes, systems, paperwork, codes, laws, decisions of any other country. Therefore, it needs customs brokerage service of us if you have special requirements and we will do it as usual. See details