Inland Transportation

Inland transport Road

Road traffic system of Vietnam has a total length of about 222 000 km are national highways, provincial roads, district roads, … but most of the roads are national highways and provincial roads are very favorable development for inland transport by road.
Realizing the needs of customers for inland transport company is very big so we have the following services: – Freight liner. – Transport of containers. – Cargo transportation projects. – Carriage of super-sized and super-weighted (high volume). – Transport of small addition our company has other value-added services as follows: – The consignee services – Control line from receipt until delivery – Tally line – report the carriage moving – Appointment of monitoring in place, operating

Inland transport rail

Vietnam railway network has a total length of 2652 km, of which the main route Ho Chi Minh City – Hanoi 1726km long known as the North-South Railway, is also an important contribution in the inland freight transport .
– Transporting goods from companies to export goods to the station and back. – Loading and unloading of goods in wagons. – Transport Package. – Moving the carriages dedicated suite and bulk cargoes. – Storage and distribution.

Domestic transportation by sea

Vietnam has the vast coastline from north to south across an important contribution in the process of domestic freight.
– Transportation of cargo from the port to the place and vice versa. – Ship agency. – Cargo transportation package. – Transportation of bulk cargo. – Ship Brokers. – Warehousing and distribution. We ensure that your goods are guaranteed quality, close supervision, transported to the right place and right time. Whatever what your needs on inland transportation, you can trust us to provide you with services for domestic transport, with reasonable costs.

Services Support

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Domestic transportation is an important part of the logistics chain. Therefore, Phu Forest Import Export Company Limited is always trying to raise the quality of inland transport services. with a team of experienced staff, which help traders and businesses resolve any problems arising. Simply provide a list of goods imported / exported via email, transfer documents via courier. See details

Oversea Transportation

Today, almost all companies, factories have the business relationship or transaction of goods on foreign markets, regional or global. That is the premise make the introduction for international transport. International transportation is one of the extremely important process of international trade is an indispensable stages of the circulation of goods, helping to bring raw materials and goods transport from the international trade is an indispensable stage in the process of circulation in order to take goods from the place of production to places of consumption, from market to market the country abroad. See details


Services of customs duties: As we know, customs, taxation is responsible for people buying goods imported from abroad. Each country has different policies for different but related. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to know the rules, regulations, customs, traditions, practices, loopholes, schemes, systems, paperwork, codes, laws, decisions of any other country. Therefore, it needs customs brokerage service of us if you have special requirements and we will do it as usual. See details