Van Vu: man suffering from illness leaders devoted to the poor

Van Vu: man suffering from illness leaders devoted to the poor

Despite carrying the cancer, but the young man Truong Van Vu (born 1989) has always been passionate in the volunteer movement.

Nasopharyngeal cancer, facing the fragility of life, but Truong Van Vu (born 1989, Chairman of the Club Volunteer Stroke green) has put his heart for philanthropy. Vu’s work has been recognized community, volunteer group of Dance has been honored as one of 20 most representative organization in 2013 in Volunteers Award Swallow.
The New Year’s Day, the same conversation with the young man less fortunate, to listen and share confide, learn more about volunteer activities of Van Vu in the new year. Van Vu and green pen Focus group received volunteer awards Swallow Hi Vu, new year wishes you a lot of fun. Reassess your volunteer activities during the past 1 year, Wu wanted to share something to your readers? Hello readers, wish you a new year of good health. Some years, Dance and many other volunteers have opted to focus his effort to bring these unfortunate circumstances a better life. As for Dance, also had the day is to share part of his small effort to help people. Programs like “Vol collective love” awarded internships and scholarships for poor students in Ben Tre, “of Moon Love” held the moon for poor children in Bac Lieu, “Journey of Love” to give gifts to people poverty in Bac Lieu, Ben Tre, or more recently “Love On Central” rescue flood victims in 2013 … was the highlight of the volunteers of the green and with private Stroke Dance. Reportedly, in the days of Tet, The Stroke Club Green has performed the “Spring Street” gave gifts to the homeless. Can you tell us more about this activity? The program “Spring on the street” is one program donated gifts to the homeless in the city. This is the first annual program and as of 2014 has made 6 years, particularly in 2014 and last 5 years, the club has been organizing and mobilizing funds to purchase Tet gifts donated to the homeless. This year, members of the club got together package tet cakes donated 200 people, along with a small gift. Hopefully these unfortunate lives had a warm New Year.

And the 3rd Festival, Dance and some you organize great day for the orphans at Wat Buddha Ming in Chau Thanh district, Ben Tre province.

Giving gifts to the poor

In the coming years, Vu has estimated the new activity for your club?
In the new year Dance and management board has announced plans to continue implementing the program associated with the name of the club. Implementation of the project opened a cafe called Green Pen Stroke to help the poor students who have additional income, but the main purpose is to raise funds to implement the scholarship project “Wings of Love” for pupils upland poverty. Implementation of the program “Bat love porridge”, expanding the program to small clubs in Quang Binh.

Motivation for illness Vu took the cumulative enthusiasm for philanthropy?
Main smile and the joy of those difficulties in their programs that help is the key driver for Vu conquer all.

The practical gift, meaning

For a young man, full of enthusiasm, really not easy to know his disease. At that time, Yu had thought nothing and you face it like?
At that time almost Vu desperate everything dark day locked in themselves and always thinking negative things: Why do injustice to his heaven?
But thanks to the encouragement and volunteer activities helped Vu regain sense to continue to devote his passion for society, it will help Vu saw her life more meaningful.
Trips, I met many difficulties, unhappiness over her. At the time, I thought: Why they difficulties such that they overcome, but they themselves will not be. So there is also helping Vu soon faced his disease.

Reportedly, the family Dance is also very difficult, unknown desire to build a house for the parents of Dance made back home?
The desire that remains “stalled” because of how much money to put on medication to treat her. Vu tries to five to pour cement columns, roofing sheet to have a solid house for parents.

A volunteer trip in mid-autumn festival

Dance Please share your opinion a little about philanthropy?
There are many of you often think volunteer to have money, to have new participants health, and I think: Volunteers come from the mind of his, even though you do not have money, you make contribution effort. Hear from volunteers to make people think too big, but actually every day we are all volunteers, from the smallest things and help our lives better.

Thank Vu about this talk, more health ministry has always been a leader and volunteer enthusiasm!

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